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Mar 25, 2020
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Top 10 Indicas

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And BOOM here we are, the top 10 indica strains. if you’re looking to wind down after a long day of work, or even if you need to work up an appetite for your new diet. Then this bud is definitely the way to go. Although most Indicas are not widely known for their flavor, these naturally small dense nugs consistently uphold a reputation to pack a punch. So if you’re having trouble sleeping or suffering from chronic pain, I wouldn’t be so quick to turn a blind eye on these sleeper strains. 

Godfather OG (1)

Ok so if we’re talking about the OG’s of OG’s then we have to discuss the don himself, Godfather OG. This crossbreed between XXX OG and Alpha OG makes for smooth smoke that will present you with herbal flavors accompanied by a pungent peppery undertone. Despite its flavor, Godfather OG has been reported to reach THC levels of 28% which is ridiculous and guaranteed to leave you couch-locked. And even after winning first place for Best Indica at the High Times’ Cannabis Cup L.A. 2013. Given its heritage, it should grow well and flower in about eight to nine weeks which is fairly quick compared to its counterparts. 

Chemdawg (2)

Frequently used as a parent strain, Chemdawg is another beast that is loved widely amongst the cannabis community. This balanced Indica dominant hybrid is popularly known for its effects and reminiscent smell, however the official properties of where this strain comes from are unknown. Alongside this, Chemdawg has a THC content of 15-20% within its dense medium size pistil filled buds making this strain a work of art in itself. The high from this classic is one to hit quickly, and once it does it will be one to remember. This strains ability to amplify sensory experiences makes it perfect for creative activity. Plus, the initial disorienting head high becomes more productive cerebral and introspective in the right setting ultimately leading you to exuberant conversation.

White Tahoe cookies (3)

Ok if we’re talking the entire package, then White Tahoe cookies is a strain that I would personally vouch for. White Tahoe cookies is an Indica dominant strain that was created through the crossing of Tahoe OG x The White by Royal Tree Gardens. The small sticky nugs are amazing to smell giving off a sour fragrance within each bud. What is special about this strain is that it has a third parent strain that is a specific Girl Scout Cookie cut, making this hybrid a true smokers choice. In addition this strain is very easy to grow. With just a flowering time of anywhere from 6-9 weeks and a THC content of 18.7% this is and ideal grow for those who appreciate quality bud in a reasonable amount of time. 

Strawberry banana kush (4) 

This cross between Strawberry Bubble Gum and Banana Kush by Serious Seeds is a personal favorite if I do say so myself. Not only is this a favorite of mine due to the unmatched flavor of this strain, but the balance high that it gives off as well. The thick trichrome caked nugs draped in resin are a real eye popping feature. With THC levels reaching 26% with reports of some reaching 36% which is ridiculously high for flowers. Medicinally used for treating depression, chronic pain and anxiety, this strain is great for all legal ages. And in addition to everything else the steady mild head buzz followed by an energetic uplifting cerebral head high that gets you right where it counts is perfect for an experienced smoker looking to try something new.

Northern Lights #5 (5)

Northern Lights #5 aka NL5 can be considered as a flower one should cherish. This 95% indica strain is any Indica lovers dream. The Haze and Skunk #1 lineage strain makes for a perfect sedative after a long day. Clocking in at 22% THC, the sweet citrusy smelling strain that is NL5 is nothing to be slept upon. Before leaving you sleepy, the cerebral head high is known to drive the mind toward a focused state accompanied by creativity. With a quick and easy flowering time of around 50-60 this beautiful strain is a must for a growers vault. 

Critical Purple kush (6)

 The cross of Critical and Purple Kush exotically colored buds sit pretty amongst our top Indicas due to its high THC content, smooth smoking and large dark green buds with purple hues. And let’s not forget about the unique sweet-coffee like taste that this flower emits. Being associated with an uplifting feel, the high of this bud mainly promotes relaxation as the Indica dominance is found at 70/30. However, unlike most sativas this strain is great for a good night’s rest. Although, the THC content on this strain only averages around 19% which is low compared to the others on this list, but perfect for those looking for a good nap without feeling too heavy to wake up and get things going. 

Billy Kimber (7)

Peaky Blinders fans, this ones for you. Mostly found on the west coast, this rare Indica-dominant strain was created through the previously mentioned OG Kush strain. Plus, it recommended that only experienced smokers partake in Billy Kimber OF as this strain is widely known for having ridiculously high THC levels of 25-30% on average due to its overload of amber trichomes resting on bright green nugs. As an earthy like pine smell fills your nose upon rolling this flower, that spicy-sweet classic OG taste is definitely something to be appreciated. However, it’s theoretically impossible to grow this on your own as the amount of difficulties to grow this strain are high. Safe to say this bud is rare for a reason. 


Named after the famous cookies, this sweet strain resemblance to its name is uncanny. From the award winning aroma to the desert-like cookie taste this is definitely a favorite amongst smokers. Widely used for chronic pain, stress and depression, GSC is a parent strain to many hybrids within today’s cannabis industry. The energetic, euphoric, relaxed effects  amongst all the other perks, it’s one of the most potent strains of flower available on the market today. Alongside this, the THC in GSC is found around 20% with flowering time averaging around 9-10 weeks making GSC definitely worth its reputation. 

Gelato 33 (9) 

Gelato 33 aka ‘Larry Bird’ is a true stoners classic. The powerful high-energy feeling I get from this flower is ridiculous. Rooting from its parent strains Sunset Sherbet and Thin mint Girl Scout Cookies, the flowering time for this bud is about 60-70 days. Gelato smooth smoke gives off a smell and taste reminiscent of its name without a doubt. With the flowering punching in at 20-22% THC and 60% Indica dominance the strains powerful and well balanced head heavy high is perfect while still maintaining a light and energetic feel. 

Afghani (10)

Afghani is a high Indica dominant strain that is named after its native origin.  These hearty plants are suitable for any type of cultivation and thrive even in difficult and cold-weather. The dark green Indica plants can survive almost anything. Originally brought into the United States in the 70s, Afghani has been used in many instances to improve yield, mold/pest resistance, and resin production, with effects of this strain has reports of being highly sedative and draining. Not being big on East the naturally cultivated herb is without a doubt a stepping stone into a Indica lovers paradise. But should definitely be taken in moderation for beginners as THC levels reach up to 25%. 

From their infamous reputation for crossbreeding to Great naps, Indicas without a doubt are loved by many smokers across the world. And even after expressing my Top 10 Indicas, I myself am more curious to explore new strains and I hope you are as well.

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