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Too High Celebrating 4/20? 6 Ways To Sober Up

420 is a major holiday amongst marijuana enthusiasts. It brings out longtime marijuana consumers, as well as the marijuana-curious. Sometimes, you may find yourself consuming too much weed during this day-long celebration. Don’t be embarrassed. Read on for tips on the best ways to manage it.

Most marijuana smokers have experienced the feeling of being too high. While it can feel like a major loser moment, if you consume cannabis it’s probably happened to you. Maybe the edible you partook of kicked in 3 hours too late, or you tried resin for the first time and weren’t ready for the kick. Or, maybe you’re a lightweight and have a generally low tolerance. Either way, the feeling is majorly uncomfortable, can be anxiety-producing, and often embarrassing. It’s something that can scare even the most seasoned marijuana consumer.

How long your marijuana high lasts is contingent on a variety of factors: the potency of the strain, method of consumption, dosage, body weight, and an individual’s body chemistry. Generally, concentrates, or resins are the most potent form of cannabis, with flower being the second strongest. This means that for most people it takes longer to come down from dabbing than it will from smoking a joint. That said, each person’s tolerance is individual, and daily smokers have a higher tolerance than casual ones.

For most cannabis consumers the high lasts anywhere from thirty minutes to three hours. Sometimes the effects of marijuana linger far longer than you desire. Luckily, if you become too high, or find yourself reeling from marijuana’s effects when you no longer want to, there are some things that you can do to counteract the feeling.

Don’t Panic:

Remember that you are fine, you’ve smoked too much weed, but you’re not going to die. This too shall pass. Some people get especially stressed out after they’ve peaked, and go into a full-on freakout. While there have even been documented cases of people who have over-indulged in cannabis, and have called 911 saying, “I’m dead.” However, they were not. There has never been a reported cannabis overdose in history, and you will not become the first one. So, despite how you are feeling at the moment, the high will pass, and you will be ok. At worst, you may feel some prolonged grogginess. In 24 hours, the blast of THC that is currently making your brain work overtime will pass its way through your bloodstream.

Eat Something & Hydrate:

I’m sure you’ve heard that drinking more water is the cure for everything, and in this case, it’s true. Hydrate like your life depends on it because it does. Drinking water will oxidize your bloodstream, and relieve dry mouth, one of the most common after-effects of smoking too much weed. Also, the simple repetitive act of drinking water can trigger your brain into recognizing that you are fine. You are still functioning normally, and this feeling will soon disperse. Eating a light snack, especially one that contains sugar can also provide the same relief. Sugar is known to counteract THC. However, you will want to avoid consuming alcohol. This is not a method of hydrating. Alcohol can intensify THC’s concentrations in your bloodstream.

Take A Shower

A shower or a bath will help you to relax, which will go a long way to reduce your anxiety or paranoia. It also provides a distraction.

Black Peppercorns:

Sniff or chew on some black pepper. Open your cabinet and ingest some black pepper. Black pepper has properties that bind to the same receptors in your brain as cannabis. When you ingest black pepper and cannabis together, the terpenes in the peppercorn can produce calming effects in your brain because they counteract the anxiety-producing effects of the THC.

Distract Yourself

Now is not the time to deeply contemplate the meaning of life, it may only serve to exacerbate your anxiety, and produce paranoia. The best thing to do is to explore any of the things you ordinarily find comforting, things that produce warm and fuzzy feelings.

  • Talk to a good friend. They can not only share stories that make you laugh, but they can talk you through it and remind you that you are ok. Don’t freak out, if the story of your being too high becomes the fodder for a crazy tale at a later date. However, a real friend will only tell the story in good fun.
  • Watch your favorite cartoon, movie, or TV show. Viewing something light-hearted, that makes you laugh is a great way to stop your brain from focusing on the feeling of being too high.
  • Take out your crayons and color. Seriously adult coloring books are becoming a thing. Coloring has been shown to be a stress-reliever and is a great way to pass the time while you come down.
  • Cuddle with the one you love. There’s nothing like a warm embrace and some soothing words of reassurance when you feel like the world is coming apart. If you have a significant other or a cuddle buddy, let them wrap their arms around you and enjoy. Go to Bed If you can, lay down close your eyes and drift off to sleep. This is the most practical solution when you’re faded. While your brain may be going 100 miles a minute because you’re in the middle of a full-fledged “green-out” tell yourself that you need to relax. Deep breathing and a quiet space may do just the trick. Find a comfortable place and let your body do what it really wants to do anyway, go to sleep.

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