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Aug 23, 2023
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Tilt’s New Leadership Tilt & “Rationalize” & Dump Social Equity Brands As Well As Partnership With The New York Shinnecock Nation.

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The corporate language is taken to another level as you’ll read in this report.

Reading this “we came to the hard realization that Her Highness, Highsman, and Black Buddha are not the right long-term fit given the direction we are headed” we presume they are either heading branding wise to dullsville middle america or worse still trumpsville america.

Tilt is also stepping away from its partnership with the New York Shinnecock Nation.

In a surprise move by the company’s new leadership, Tilt Holdings (OTC: TLLTF) cut its social equity brands. These include:

Her Highness, a female-centric brand based in New York and founded by Laura Eisman and Allison Krongard
Highsman, founded by former professional football player Ricky Williams
Black Buddha Cannabis, founded by Roz McCarthy, who is also the founder and CEO of Minorities for Medical Marijuana Inc.

All of the brands were released with little warning.

“TILT is evaluating and rationalizing our brand and product portfolio as we refine our strategy. In doing so, we came to the hard realization that Her Highness, Highsman, and Black Buddha are not the right long-term fit given the direction we are headed, and we really are not the right partner for them given the support they need to build their brands,” said Tim Conder, interim CEO. “We are working collaboratively with these brands’ respective teams through this transition to ensure that we support them the best way we can as they offboard from our platform.”

The company’s sudden change of heart surprised McCarthy, as the partnership with Black Buddha was made with great fanfare in 2022 when former CEO Gary Santo was in charge and Conder was on the board.

She also fumed at the company’s abandonment of the female and minority-owned brands.

“You kept other brands that weren’t diverse, so what are you trying to say here?” McCarthy posited. “You got rid of the woman-owned, the black-owned, and then the woman- and black-owned brand. How do I take that? I never want to hear from Tilt that they are focused on social equity.”


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