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Apr 12, 2023
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The Ultimate Guide to Mushroom Tea: Recipes and Benefits

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1. Prepare Your Mushrooms

The first step in making mushroom tea is to prepare your mushrooms. If you are using fresh mushrooms, consider learning how to dehydrate them before consuming.

For mushroom tea, grinding your dried mushrooms into a powder is the best way to ensure that your tea is as potent as possible. If you are a coffee drinker, using a coffee bean grinder can be effective when grinding up your mushrooms. If you don’t have the equipment to grind your mushrooms, you can also chop them up into small pieces with a sharp knife or scissors.

2. Determine the Dosage

First, determine what you are hoping to get out of your mushroom tea experience. From there, you can decide which dosage best fits your needs.

Determining your dosage is particularly important when consuming psychedelic mushrooms since it will impact the entire experience. For example, the threshold dose for feeling any effect from mushrooms is in the 0.2-0.5g range. A moderate dose falls in the range of 1-2.5g. Finally, a higher dose of mushroom tea is about 3-4g.

If you are using medicinal mushrooms that do not have a psychedelic effect, your dosage is more about flavor and any derived health benefits. A typical serving is 2-3 grams of your favorite non-psychedelic mushroom.

3. Choose Your Supplemental Tea & Flavors

It can be nice to add other flavors to your mushroom tea as the mushrooms on their own may not provide much flavor or can taste a bit earthy. Herbal blends make for a great addition to mushroom tea such as hibiscus, licorice, chai, and green tea. You can also use flavor enhancers you may already have, such as lemon juice,  ginger, honey, cinnamon, and other herbs.

4. Boil Your Water

Boil the amount of water you wish to drink, and then add your mushrooms, tea, and flavors to the water. You should always allow the tea to cool slightly before drinking.

5. Steep the Mushrooms

Allow your mushrooms (psychedelic or regular) to steep for about 15 minutes. You can increase to 30 minutes as well for strengthened effects.This ensures the mushrooms and flavors are in the tea so that it is ready for your consumption. The longer you steep the tea and flavors, the stronger they will taste.

If you are using a powder, it should dissolve rather quickly in the hot water, and steeping is not necessary.

6. Strain the Tea

Using a sieve or coffee filter, strain the tea into a container of your choice, such as a mug. You can, of course, consume the mushrooms and/or flavors you add to your tea, but removing them can make it easier to sip without chewing.

7. Add More Flavors

Once you have steeped and strained your tea, taste it and see if it needs more flavor added. You can always add more honey, sugar, cinnamon, or other preferred flavors to enjoy your tea as much as you can.

8. Enjoy!

Now that you have added your preferred taste, it is time to consume! Find a comfy spot to sit and sip your hot or chilled cup of mushroom tea.

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