The Stoners Girl’s Guide To Celebrating 4/20 In Self Isolation

By Ganga Goddess

Since most of the country is currently under stay at home orders to manage the spread of COVID-19, this year, you may be looking for a different way to celebrate 420. We were, too, which is why this year, I decided to add a twist to my favorite stoner holiday. The natural benefits of cannabis include increased relaxation and creativity, make it an ideal building block for a soothing day of self-care, so this year I’m incorporating it into my 420 celebration.

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Cannabis has become a smoking hot ingredient in beauty and personal care over the last few years, with no signs of slowing down. Grandview Research estimates that the cannabeauty market will grow to $1.7B by 2025, spurred by global relaxation of cannabis law and widespread adoption of CBD as a luxury health and wellness supplement. CBD is non-psychoactive, which means it won’t get you high, but it has many benefits that make it ideal for beauty and personal care. CBD works with the body’s internal endocannabinoid system to reduce stress, pain, and inflammation and topical application can also help with improving the skin’s moisture retention. These qualities have shifted perception of cannabis from a skunky weed to a plant-based ingredient, no different than Vitamin C or squalene. The most commonly used form of cannabis in beauty is CBD, a compound derived from the flowers and leaves of the hemp and marijuana plants.

In just a few short years, the CBD market has exploded, from a smattering of options in 2017 to now hundreds of hair, skin, and beauty products available today. And like most things related to cannabis, the rules are a bit complicated. It’s important to note that CBD derived from hemp is legal to use in beauty and personal care products, while CBD derived from marijuana leaves is not in most states. And because widespread CBD use is relatively new, and regulation is low, active levels of CBD vary from product to product. However, regular, daily use of CBD is said to promote relaxation and in these anxious times, we need as much relaxation as we can get. And with nail salons closed and facials absolutely out of the question, it seemed like the perfect time to create a starter guide to integrating CBD your self-care routine, from 420 and beyond. 


Start the day with different kind of wake and bake: coffee laced with a CBD tincture for a boost of focus or relaxation. Verma Farms offers a morning, noon, and night bundle that aims to boost concentration, focus, or relaxation.  Pure Kanna grows and produces its leaves in the US and offers five flavors that claim to promote a feeling of calm and focus. Not a coffee drinker? Make your own TH-tea by mixing your own flowers with your favorite tea- we love Rosebud or Chamomile. If you want to create your own infusion you can always order tea strainer balls from Amazon, but don’t forget the butter or oil (or the tea grinder)! 


The signature scent of the bud itself is loud but whether you want to compliment or conceal the scent of your cannabis for 420, a cannabis-inspired candle will amplify the mood. If you ever wondered whether you prefer the scent of Christmas or the scent of 420, now’s your chance to decide. And if you want the scent of  Purple Kush  wafting throughout the house, or you want  to know what getting High AF on Billion Dollar Ideas smells like, there’s a candle that will take you there. 


Who needs a salon mani/pedi? Just because the nail salons are closed doesn’t mean you can’t get holiday inspired nails to show off on your socials. Start by soaking your feet (or your whole body) with a CBD bath bomb- we love the options from Kush Queen and  Premium Jane .  After cl eansing and shaping, try one of Dope Nailz polishes. Their multicolor lacquers are cruelty free, vegan, and come in CBD or Hemp varieties. If you’re feeling experimental, try elevating your at home nail game with weed inspired nail art— you can order decals from Amazon or try incorporating your own buds. There are some seriously inspiring tutorials from Infinity NailsLong Hair Pretty Nails, and more on YouTube. The possibilities seem endless. And even if some of the techniques are really advanced, (weed-inspired nail art can be combined with money, packs of swisher sweets, or actual buds) this is one ritual that has basically zero limits- get as creative as you want.


Skincare is where CBD shines. Cannabis seed oil is rich in fatty acids and has been known to reduce sebaceous gland activity, thus minimizing skin’s oil production and reducing acne breakouts. All of these benefits combined make for smooth, acne free skin, perfect for producing smoke-accented selfies on Instagram during your favorite holiday. Finish off your day with a 420 inspired facial that will that’s more relaxing than your average face mask.  Start with a cleanser like Shea Moisture Skin Rescue Cream Cleanser, which is booted with cannabis sativa seed oil to open pores. Bonus points if you steam your face for 10 minutes afterwards to prep for mask application. Next, it’s a choose-your-own-adventure based your skincare concern. Mantra Mask CBD sheet masks address five different skincare issues, from aging to acne,  or for a general boost Milk Makeup’s Cannabis face mask is a cult favorite. Finish with a hemp enhanced glow elixir or skin moisturizer like the options from Truly and Andalou Naturals for skin that is selfie ready.  


One of the best parts of recreating with cannabis is the state of euphoria and mind expansion.  Once you’re fully relaxed, there’s no limit on how creative you can get. So after you’ve done some beauty treatments, had some tea, and taken some selfies, don’t forget to close out the day by doing something for the soul- write in a gratitude journal, paint a new art piece, write a song, play that guitar you never pick up,  or just relax and bliss out while binging your favorite streaming show. In these anxious times, taking the time to relax can be the biggest luxury of all.