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The Rules Of The Game

What did Erykah Badu sing?…. “What are you gonna do when they come for you?… The work ain’t honest, but it pays the bills”. The work and application of cannabis regulations from state to state is not consistent and definitely is not honest work. However, if one is in the game be prepared to jump through the hoops or they will come for you.

Recent activities in Nevada can be a case study to look at how the regulation of cannabis can be a detriment to building a business. Marijuana Business Daily (MJBIZDaily) reports that two Nevada cannabis companies may lose their licenses and incur severe fines. During a meeting of the Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board members agreed on settlements for a number of violators of certain regulations MJBIZdaily reports. However, two firms specifically were seen as egregious violators. Habitually, line crossers in the words of Charlie Murphy.

Know The Rules Art

Infractions made by the Nevada Medical Group and Silver State Cultivation were viewed as more deliberate requiring stiffer penalties first reported by the Las Vegas Review-Journal. The Nevada Medical Group may lose its license and be fined up to $255,000. Silver State Cultivation could lose its business permit and be fined up to $35,000. Let’s look at their egregious acts.

The Nevada Medical Group is accused of allowing six employees to work with expired state-mandated ID cards. The employees were working at the Las Vegas facility Body, Mind, and Cannabis. No tainting of product. tampering, mislabeling, or misrepresenting the product to consumers. The ID cards the state demanded workers get (and pay the state to have) were expired. How dare they?!?!

Know The Rules Art3

Silver State Cultivation is accused of not keeping a proper security camera malfunction log. What? The damn nerve of some people. They are also accused of skipping a required audit and having an inventory log that did not align with the state’s seed to sale tracking system as reported by MJBIZdaily. Jim Brown had a good line in “She Hate Me” which was a horrible movie…. “Son you don’t fuck with money”! Skipping an audit is negligent and/or stupid business. Then letting the state come in and see y’all are missing product meaning someone is fucking up their tax revenue. Not good business if you know the state is the overseer of this industry.

Lastly, Silver State Cultivation is accused of not following mandated marijuana waste guidelines. Ummm excuse me. Out of everything I read is this not the most egregious? As a consumer potential contamination of my product is my biggest concern. However this firm may lose its business permit only and may be fined $35,000. The Nevada Medical Group’s violation is for expired state mandated ID cards for workers. They may lose the business license and be fined up to $255,000. The message is clear that the priority is the state getting their revenue from the industry. If you are going to play the game, know the rules of the game!

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