The Process After Your Buzz

OK.  You got a nice sativa buzz going on from the Sour Diesel, Strawberry Cough, Power Plant, or fill in the blank of whatever sativa beauty you just engaged in to fuel your workout. So what you gonna do? Let’s roll through the process of how dosing unfolds to guide our workout.  Warm-up with a little something, increase intensity, and afterwards let it cool down and marinate.

Movement always begins with activating blood flow and warming up the muscle groups to be put under tension. Phil Daru provides excellent training workouts for those wanting a more explosive training regiment.
For a warm-up geared more towards flexibility get into this pre-workout session from Athlean-X.

The purpose of the warm-up is to engage and activate the muscle groups and joints that support functional movement.  We are warming up the glutes to support lower back movement and activating the quads and lower leg muscles to support the knees.  
Now that we warmed up you choose what we are getting into.  Cardio….Cool! Jump ropes brothers are excellent guides to navigate you through the world of low-to medium impact but highly effective jump-rope training. 

Great session fam.  Now time to cool-down and stretch.  This is the most important and often neglected part of the workout.  This helps to ensure we have the ability to do this again in a day or two. 

Now for the cool down after the cool down.  The guys at have some amazing indicas to guide the body into relaxation and recovery after a good session.  A goodie like strawberry cheesecake will provide a light euphoric and giddy effect while sinking the body into relaxation and recovery time. The key to gains from working out is nutrition before and after working our as well as giving the body rest to build muscle and recover. More articles to come to expand on these points y’all.