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The People’s Choice

Peoples Choice

It is time for the People’s Choice awards. No, I am not talking about any TV or media awards show. When I was a child I never understood why folks cared to watch that shit. We are speaking of The Hemp Cup: People’s Choice 2021 cannabis awards.

Yes, it was of course virtual still dealing with COVID spread and restrictions. This was a fun competition between hemp farmers, CBD companies, confectioners, etc.. According to High Times. Let’s check out some of the Flower winners, and by default my flowers shopping list.

The People's Choice - How Do I Get Weed

Winner of 1st place CBD flowers goes to the Lifter Flower by Horn Creek Hemp. This flower is said to smell of sweet earth tones and slight gas (diesel). This strain is said to be 21% CBD and .75% THC. This flower is said to “lift” your mood and totally erase any “down” feelings.

Second place was awarded to Papaya Nights Flower by Secret Nature CBD. This flower is said to have quite distinct flavors. It may seem like you are eating pieces of papaya, peaches, or guava. This is said to almost instantly uplift and focus the mind in creative pursuits. Papaya Nights can get up to 19% CBD levels.

Hawaiian Haze

In third place Hawaiian Haze Flower by Rouge Origins was awarded. This strain can get up to 16.5% CBD. This flower is described as providing relaxed socialization. It is said to simply allow the day to fly by elated and blissful. The taste is said to be of tropical berries with the familiar haze sweetness for familiar smokers. 

The People’s Choice competition also judged pre-rolls, concentrates, edibles, and vape pens. All of those are not in my routine. Maybe you may find some items to add to your shopping lists. Quick side note what is the difference between a flower and pre-roll? Are they judging the roll? I have never bought a pre-roll. I take offense that someone wants to roll my jay for me. Anyway, 420 out!