The Number 1 Debate For The 4th Of July

The fourth of July is approaching friends. Honestly, I remember being like eight years old lighting fireworks visiting my grandparents in the Bronx and realizing… I am past sitting out here looking at fireworks. If that is your thing, enjoy it. I have friends that call it the fourth of U-lie… Anyway, please ignite responsibly and let no one’s hands end up looking like Jason Pierre- Paul.

This fourth of July responsible and educated mind expanders may have a poignant question to consider. To enjoy the activities and festivities one may need to make a choice of choices… On the fourth of July as you gather your cannabis supplies from Select Co-Op may realize an option available from some sources in the city… Should we THC cannabis it up or enjoy some psilocybin via mushrooms?

Yes, friends I know this is a life altering choice and question. As has described, while people often associate hallucinogens with mushrooms, psilocybe cubensis is the dominant mushroom species and is more of a psychedelic nature. Think the most potent Grand Daddy purp, Amnesia Haze, or MK Ultra effect… Magnified and less stony and more aware…

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I am not promoting just informing my people… Psilocybin decreases neural functioning in areas of the brain that control and ingrain the “reality” of our fixed world. As these controls are released the brain processes all of the senses in varying degrees of freedom from “order”. Trippy, huh.

Pluteus, Inocybe, Galernia are some popular psilocybin species that are a pleasure to enjoy. Like cannabis strains one needs to look at the effects and properties of the species. Unlike cannabis the effect for each individual is less predictable as it is the experience your mind brings to it…

Eureka!!!… It just hit me. Why make this a debate? This fourth of July weather watching a grand fireworks display (as you will not be lighting them baked and fried) you do not have to make this an either or situation. Why not enjoy the effects of THC and Psilocybin? Toke and shroom it up.