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Sep 13, 2023
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The Longevity+DeSci Summit: Advancing the Frontiers of Longevity Science

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The Microdose team attended the Longevity+DeSci Summit NYC, held on August 10-11, 2023. This groundbreaking conference brought together leaders in aging research, biotechnology, and decentralized science. Organized by the nonprofit Lifespan.io, this event showcased the latest advances at the intersection of longevity science and emerging technologies like blockchain. Two days of fascinating talks, workshops, and discussions that revealed the tremendous potential of extending healthy human lifespans.

The event took place at the magnificent Capitale venue in New York City, the Summit exhibitions and presentations highlighted trailblazing work on the fundamental biology of aging, biomarkers, AI applications, decentralized research platforms, and more. Attendees also had the opportunity to learn about novel approaches to fundraising, community-building, and scientific communication enabled by blockchain technology and decentralized organizations.


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A Catalyst for Collaboration

Some of the most prominent voices in longevity science were featured speakers, including Aubrey de Grey of LEVF, Harvard Professor Vadim Gladyshev, and Altos Labs’ Steve Horvath. They delivered insights into cutting-edge areas like rejuvenation biotechnology, cellular senescence, and epigenetic clocks. Other researchers presented late-breaking discoveries on topics such as clearing toxic molecular waste from cells and targeting the microbiome to influence aging processes.

Visionary entrepreneurs also took the stage to discuss how they are translating longevity research into real-world interventions. This included updates on progress towards clinical trials, commercial products, and other developments from companies like Gero, Maxwell Biosciences, quadraScope, AgelessRx and others. The theme of moving from pure science into medical applications was a major focus.

The session that got us thinking the most was ‘’Starting A Longevity City’’ by Niklas Anzinger, Infinita VC – General Partner and Laurence Ion, Steward at VitaDAO. Niklas and Laurence introduced Vitalia – the Frontier City of Life. Inspired by Zuzalu, Vittalia will start as a 2-month long co-living experiment. It will take place on a beautiful Caribbean island, in a place with perfect conditions to advance progress in longevity science and technology development.


Decentralized Science

Equally important was the emphasis on leveraging decentralized models to accelerate research. Experts from prominent organizations like VitaDAO, Weavechain, and ResearchHub explained how blockchain tools can enhance collaboration, crowd-sourced funding, and open access data. Workshops gave attendees hands-on practice with building digital cooperatives and using crypto to support scientific initiatives.

Overall, the Longevity+DeSci Summit NYC provided an exhilarating look at the tools and knowledge that could enable radical improvements to human health spans. Connecting trailblazers across various specialties revealed the synergies emerging in this dynamic arena. From AI-assisted drug discovery to decentralized clinical trials, innovative approaches are converging to tackle the diseases of aging.


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Dynamic Programming

Lifespan.io and conference organizers succeeded in curating a program that was both comprehensive in scope and deeply insightful. The mix of presentations, panel discussions, and interactive elements kept attendees engaged.

For any professionals or members of the public interested in being part of the longevity movement, this was an invaluable opportunity. The caliber of talent and ideas on display showed how rapidly the field is evolving. And the sense of optimism and collaboration amongst participants was palpable.

The Longevity+DeSci Summit NYC produced by Lifespan.io advanced the goal of healthy life extension through showcasing top science, fostering productive connections, and spurring further innovation. Initiatives like this that bring stakeholders together will be key to translating visionary ideas into real societal impact. Based on the success of this conference, the future looks very bright for extending healthy human longevity using cutting-edge biomedicine and technology.


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