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The High Life Belgian Chunk

I don’t what this is. I can’t find an image of what I got online. I ate the chocolate and threw away the box. I don’t do edibles usually. However, my guy at Select Co-Op gifted it with a nice donation package. I received the box and it was black and had “High Life” written on it with a slight cursive font in light green. The box had an image of a tiger on it. It was labeled “Belgian” chocolate. It was about the size of a 50 cent piece (yeah, that is telling my age) and indicted 100 mg THC and 50 mg CBD on the package.

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I thought um is dude trying to kill me. According to my quick online glance at Google 100 mg causes heart palpation and possible nausea and body aches. No thanks, I don’t want that. Then I looked a little further and saw people with lager mass and experienced with THC will have less severe effects. I’m about 180 lbs. I am definitely experienced with THC so I felt less of a threat to my life. LOL. I am not a fan of chocolate! I don’t like the aftertaste and how it sticks in the back of my throat. But I scarfed this down quickly and drank some water.

OK, about 30 minutes later I was straight giddy. Yeah giddy is the only word to describe how I was very talkative, a little excited, and noticeably elated. I was more talkative than from if I simply hit a jay of a good sativa. As time wore on I felt the CBD effects. I had felt tightness in my hip and lower back for most of the day being sore from a previous workout. I realized that I felt nothing turning all my waist all the way right to left. Felt the effects of pain relief for sure!…fast forward about 90 minutes later. My lady and I are just caressing and laying with each other. We plan to do more… eventually we did; but for a while we both were on full body relaxation mode. We did have a mixed drink and hit a jay of Alaskan Thunder Fuck… but that is not unusual and does not cause us to take such a relaxing body enjoying time out of silent communication. We both were hit kinda unexpectedly. Before she even sipped on anything she was laying down and just enjoying rubbing my legs while I hit the jay of ATF. This was a nice Eddie experience.

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