The Green Of Green

"I do see bags of cannabis all over the city. Regardless who you are getting green strains from the plastic bags can be recycled like any other plastic. "

Are folks on here aware of the Sierra Club? Let’s let them speak for themselves. According to their website they are the “most enduring and influential grassroots environmental organization in the United States. (They) amplify the power of (their) 3.8 million members and supporters to defend everyone’s right to a healthy world…From securing protection for 439 parks and monuments, to winning passage of the Clean Air and Endangered Species Acts, to putting over 281 coal plants on the path to replacement with clean energy, to securing the right of every kid in America to visit a national park, we have an unmatched record of success and impact.”

The Green Of Green

They do big things for the earth and people to live on Earth in a healthy environment. Historically, these folks have not had too much to say about cannabis. However, the marijuanamoment reports last week the Sierra club released a guide on how to source, package, and consume marijuana in healthy and environmentally friendly means.  

The first are basic recommendations such as buying organic to avoid pesticides and buy outdoor grown cannabis to lessen the carbon impact on the Earth. Honestly, I do not think Select Co-Op can detail their carbon emissions as an organization. I do appreciate they get quality strains grown in the most pristine conditions allowable.  

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I am guilty of not even thinking about packaging. The Sierra Club recommends using recycled plastics and/or hemp based packaging. I do see bags of cannabis all over the city. Regardless who you are getting green strains from the plastic bags can be recycled like any other plastic.  

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Naturally smoking glass bowls is preferred over pipes or blunts. Blunts are obviously tobacco and have more potential negative health outcomes while smoking papers can increase environmental waste and production. It is recommended to use hemp wicks or glass wands to ignite cannabis products as opposed to butane lighters. In addition to the harmful effects of inhaling butane, lighters are a source of waste.  

I never truly thought about the carbon imprint of using cannabis. I am going to look at a hemp wick. In addition to the reduction of waste, it is alleged the taste of the cannabis is better as there are no chemicals inhaled through the lighter. I think we all can make sure we, or people may be on 4:20 time with… Do not discard bags, pre-roll cases, and/or edible cases on the ground. Even better than trashing it is to toss them in the recycle bin!