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Nov 22, 2022
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The future of cannabis is about to photobomb the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

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If you’re one of the millions of viewers who enjoy the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade as one of your annual holiday rituals, I have a new game for you.

It’s called “Spot the Future of Cannabis.”

It may appear briefly in the background of an Al Roker scarf-and-fedora standup. Or over the shoulder of Hota Kotb and Savannah Guthrie. It’s a corner building painted sky blue: Cookies NYC.

Yes, the new Cookies flagship store in New York City is about to photobomb America’s beloved Thanksgiving tradition. I say it’s about time.

Get Cookies NYC in the shot!

Cookies, for those joining us here for the first time, is the cannabis brand founded by the hip-hop artist Berner. Over the past ten years, Berner has grown his company from a tiny California start-up into one of the most respected brands in cannabis.

That growth was on display in Manhattan last month when overflow crowds jammed the corner of Sixth Avenue and 35th St., directly across the street from Macy’s on Herald Square—all for the opening of the first Cookies store in New York. (And it doesn’t even sell weed.) Here at Leafly we gave the opening plenty of coverage.


New Cookies store lights up downtown NYC [Photo gallery]

Now that’s how you make an Empire State entrance. Cookies’ NYC debut included a Madison Square GUMBO tour bus and a local biker gang that shut down traffic. The wildest part? No cannabis was for sale–Just merch and accessories emblazoned with Cookies’ signature blue. Keep scrolling to see the highlights. (Photo courtesy of Cookies)

Believe the hype

I’ll confess: I was a little skeptical of the hype. But then I had a chance to check out the scene for myself.

During a trip to New York earlier this month, I took a day to wander into some of the many unlicensed “gifting shops” openly selling weed from storefronts. The gray market, as you may have heard, is thriving. I counted six unlicensed cannabis stores on a five-block stretch of Chelsea, including a pop-up weed truck parked along Sixth Avenue.


New York approves first 36 cannabis stores—Here’s the list

Scoping the gifting stores

Cannabis Culture, on 8th Ave., across the street from Madison Square Garden, impressed me with their pro setup, well-staffed store, and money-making location. Every train passenger entering Penn Station and every Knicks/Rangers/concert fan is only a few steps away from a little something-something on West 30th.

Cannabis Culture: steps away from Madison Square Garden and Penn Station. (Photo: Bruce Barcott)

Meanwhile, the Breckenridge Hemp Company, at 6th Ave. and West 31st St., was confusing as hell. How are they selling “state-tested, Colorado-approved” weed in Manhattan? The Breckenridge budtender did show me some nice flower, though, kept in big gallon-size glass jars.

Breckenridge Hemp Co.’s store in New York City: Nice weed, confusing setup. (Photo: Bruce Barcott)

Cookies is miles ahead of everyone else

Most gifting stores reminded me of the old no-rules medical marijuana days in Washington State and Colorado—stores with minimal design and limited product staffed by extremely friendly budtenders. The prices were a little, um, updated, though. I don’t recall dispensaries back in the day selling single generic pre-rolls for $15.

Then I walked through the doors of the Cookies flagship store at Herald Square. It felt like traveling forward through time.

Though it sells no actual weed—Berner ain’t stupid, he’s looking to come in fully licensed—the Cookies store offers branded merch that embodies everything that successful weed brands are: Fun. Playful. Creative. Smart.

Cookies’ cool authenticity is on display in their store:

Cookies NYC store: Smart design, an on-brand color scheme, and authentic roots in the culture. (Photo: Bruce Barcott)

Offering an authentic cultural connection

Cookies isn’t merely selling weed. They’re offering consumers a lifestyle brand. Berner established his reputation in the hip-hop world, then combined that foundation with a mission to sell only the finest cannabis.

What sets Cookies apart is its proprietary hybrid strain: cultural authenticity crossed with brilliant graphic design. The company is rising out of a specific subculture and going mainstream while turning the extremely difficult trick of safeguarding its cultural respect. Few companies have managed to do this. Think of Vans, the shoe company born in California skate culture, or Patagonia in the outdoor adventure world.


New York’s gray market cannabis crackdown begins in Brooklyn

That combination of cultural authenticity, respect, and smart design is on display at the Cookies Herald Square boutique. Check out these artistic callouts to New York City’s media institutions, below. An old man stickballing on the streets of Brooklyn. The “Cookies Day Parade” nod to the traditional Macy’s parade.

One brand, many creative expressions at the Cookies NYC store. (Photo: Bruce Barcott)

The next era in cannabis branding

The whole aesthetic is contained in the t-shirt, pictured below, which honors (from the top) New York Magazine, the New York Times, The New Yorker, and the New York Post, done up in the city’s orange-blue Knicks/Mets color scheme, with a sly little Cookies-brand “C” slipped in there to let you know this company is ready to take its place among the Big Apple’s cultural institutions.

Respect to the designer—and to the people running Cookies, who have clearly built up an impressive network of in-house and contracted artists.

New York institutions captured in four fonts. (Photo: Bruce Barcott)

Shining in a national retail showcase

All of this is happening in a store that’s not hidden away in some far corner of Brooklyn. It’s shining in Manhattan’s Herald Square, a showcase of big-name retailers. Macy’s flagship store sits across the street. Nearby are brand-defining stores from Dr. Martens, H&M, Urban Outfitters, Sephora, Tissot, Levi’s, and Aeropostale.

I entered the store a skeptic. I exited a convert. Cookies is welcoming New Yorkers, and the millions of people who visit New York every year, to the future of cannabis in the best way possible. The future of cannabis is fun, playful, cool, smart. The future of cannabis is welcoming.

And on Thursday, if you keep your eyes peeled, you may catch a glimpse of that future as part of your Thanksgiving parade viewing experience. Maybe Al, Hota, and Savannah will step into the Cookies store and check it out for themselves. Go ahead. It’s legal.

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