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Jan 21, 2021
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The Five Sativa Kings of 2020

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“This is get up and run a marathon, play pick-up for five hours, and then go swim in the ocean in one day energy. This is my wish list for 2021 y’all!”


Family there are five strains that I am wishing… Fuck that begging, praying for Select Co-OP to have come back around soon. I am not mad at the indica surplus that has been available lately as I have learned about some new strains to add to my repertoire. However, certain cannabis staples cannot be ignored!

Cherry Pie, Cherry Pie, Cherry Pie. If you know the warrant song… “She’s my Cherry Pie. Cool drink of water, such a sweet surprise…” Cherry Pie is awesome. The song by Warrant is definitely 80’s rock as the lyrics are beyond “suggestive”. Cherry Pie is the product of Grand Daddy Purp and Durban Poison. The result is the effects of Purp without couch lock and fatigue. Although, it tastes like Cherry Pie, sweet cherries and berries balanced by nutty sweet crust like flavor.

Super Sour Diesel

I am a diesel fan but when Super Sour Diesel comes around I simply bow down! This strain is 100% sativa. This strain is also diesel, my favorite flavor and first “loud” love! This strain is the creation of blending Super Silver Haze with Sour Diesel yielding a sativa lover’s dream.

Pink Panther is a beast! Do not sleep on the name at all. It may bring to mind images of a sleepy lanky pink critter, but it is a lion in sheep’s clothing, or name. This strain can get up to 90% sativa effect; however the mental effect can be almost psychedelic in its’ light euphoric and head uplifting energy. It also offers CBD effects along with the indica side giving the body a funky buzz while the mind explores the paths opened up by Pink Panther.

Old Toby

Do not let the name fool you now. Yes, Old Toby sounds like an old bloodhound on someone’s porch…. This strain can get up to 10% CBD, yes 10% CBD levels while being 70% sativa dominant. This strain infuses the mind with an enjoyable focus while the body has a buzz of electric relaxing healing energy pulsing through it. Old Toby is a medicinal strain to enjoy!

Last and never least is Jet Fuel my friends. This strain is the product of crossing Aspen OG and High Country Diesel. It is said to be 70% sativa; but a good strain of this hits me like 100% sativa energy for sure! This is get up and run a marathon, play pick-up for five hours, and then go swim in the ocean in one day energy. This is my wish list for 2021 y’all!

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