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The Cough Strain Review

This is one of those times where the name is brilliantly clever and descriptive. Kudos to the designers and breeders for this one. I am also amazed at how such a potent indica yielded such an awesome sativa child. Let’s check out The Cough.

The Cough will have you doing just that and you will be coming back for more coughing as the effect is marvelous. The Cough tastes of a balance of sweet peppery lemony flavors and a dank, piney, slightly diesel harshness that hits the throat hard! Hence, “the cough”! The Cough can get up to 20% THC levels.

Once done coughing the mind is infused with a gleeful energizing effect that uplifts. Novices beware as this strain may induce anxiety for those not used to the uplifting effects. The Cough is the product of crossing Northern Lights and a Haze strain. This unlikely pairing creates a nice sativa strain!

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