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Jun 30, 2021
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The Best 4th Of July Sativa Salads

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As we fire up the grill and get ready to enjoy some good potato salad and crab cakes. If you do not enjoy crab cakes then I feel sorry for you. Anyway, as we get ready to get busy on the culinary specialties this Fourth of July we had to share some sativa salad recommendations for the festivities.

Sour Tangie

Sour Tangie is on the scene with Select Co-op. This is a Diesel based favorite of mine indeed. Mix some Sour Tangie with Amnesia Haze and you will forget all worries, anxiety, and be so present to enjoy life. The fruity and dreamy aspect of the Haze is balanced by the crisp focus and sharp diesel taste of Sour Tangie

As we are enjoying the outdoors and grubbing with friends and family enjoy a nice Orange Soda. Mixing Orange Soda strain with Sour Tangie is a sour citrus fruity blast of diesel deliciousness. You want to mix this just for the double Tangie taste that is sweetly citrusy tart in the mix. The sativa effects maintain their sharpness. 

Durban Poison

Lastly mix up some Sour Tangie and Durban Poison. In this mix I add about a 1:4 ration of Sour Tangie to Durban Poison. I love the sativa effects of Durban Poison. It is a unique crisp, clean, focusing sativa. The taste is simply average to me and barely memorable. Add a little Sour Tangie and the diesel citrus taste is a nice undertone. Staying with Durban Poison I like to mix it with some straight Diesel as well. A 50/50 blend gives the sharp diesel taste and energizing effects balanced by the sharp and focusing; yet calm while engaging the mental energy of Durban Poison.  This is an amazing wake and bake combination.

Lastly let’s mix up some Durban Poison and Orange Soda. The taste of this mix is something to savor. There is a peppery and spicy element contrasted by a tropical, citrus fruit, diesel taste. This sativa effect is great for enjoying a long evening with friends for social engagement and enjoying the energy of outside. 420 safely this 4th of July friends!  

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