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Jul 3, 2020
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The 5 Things NOT To Do On 4:20 Time This 4th Of July

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Wassup good people. The 4th of July is almost upon us. Some of us like to go down to the monuments, hills, parks, etc. to watch the National show. Some of us grab fireworks from local vendors or some of us may have that SC hookup. I’m talking to my local vendor supporters and definitely those that got the SC hookup. Let’s be sure not to have any Jason Piere-Paul (JPP) incidents https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jason_Pierre-Paul; if you don’t know he was a lineman for the NY Giants that lost a finger and maimed a few others messing around with 4th of July fireworks. Let’s be 4:20 sensible on the 4th.

the 5 things not to do

Let’s start with a basic of transportation. Do not drive baked or drunk. First of all it is obviously not safe and a danger to the community. Secondly, even if you claim it is no big deal to drive stoned law enforcement disagrees. While you cannot prove or disprove being stoned don’t give officers a reason to assume you are and act accordingly.

OK, you are home so let’s talk about the outdoor grill. For myriad reasons let’s appoint a designated griller that is not getting 4:20 blasted while the grill is being manned. First off a blasted grill chief forgets what the hell he (or she) is doing. Folks start getting into deep or hilarious as conversation then someone notices smoke pouring out the grill and the grill chief trying to play it off like it’s “Cajun”. No, that shit is burnt so either designate a griller or don’t get the grill chief to blasted before the meat is done! …And most obviously don’t have this dude burn up himself or the grill making stupid mistakes being high as shit manning fire…

Let’s get into the fireworks fun. This may be obvious, but must be stated. Do not let the children do the fireworks lighting. I remember my man in 8th grade; we were shooting bottle rockets out of his window. For some reason he lit it in the bathroom this time and tried to run to his window to shoot it. He did not make and it blew up in his hand. For some reason he closed his hand on it, but that is another issue. Luckily they were weak bottle rockets and his burn was minor. We did not have a JPP situation.

OK, so you are stoned and drunk and its time to light the fireworks. Wrong! More so than the designated griller if you are folks are going to choose to get tore up then let an adult who is sober and aware spark up the fun for the children. If possible soak the grass with a hose if you are at a house and one is available. Have a bucket of water nearby just in case you have a mishap and need to discard a lit fuse quickly; the bucket can be used to put out a small fire if a hose is not available. Do not simply leave the bigger burnt fireworks on the ground. Soak them with a hose or bucket to ensure no grass ignites.

Lastly the thing to definitely not do is do not end the night without the finale 4:20 event. Whether your plan is to grab a knockout indica from the dudes at Select Co-Op; Grab a nice hybrid to balance the terpenes from a brew and ride the evening out; or you going out with a ban on the dab or resin… Enjoy this 4th of July being 4:20 responsible.

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