The 5 Best Places To Get 4:30 Lit On The 4th

The fireworks of the 4th of July is always an amazing spectacle. I don’t want to see ground fountains and cute sparkles. My children do not want that nonsense either. So let’s look at the 5 best places to get lit to enjoy the DC fireworks show!

Our sole DC suggestion is the monuments for the extravaganza. The monuments are cool because of steps to use as benches and benches around to relax if you get there early enough. Or you can roll the DIY route and bring your portable chair or blanket for the festivities. A couple hits before you go out, bring an edible to ride the evening and have a jay with you for a quick boost. Sounds like a Blue Magic kinda evening.

I am a water sign. I appreciate being around and in the water so for me the harbor is a cool place to check out the events. The DC wharf or the DC Harbor are cool spots. The DC wharf will be more crowded and has less space to enjoy simply being out…The DC Harbor has more options to simply park, sit, and watch the show. I would advise an edible for that venue as it is packed with families and children. Toke beforehand may be advised.

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5 Best Places

Now a spot where you can be more free and liberal with your evening activities for the fireworks are the hills of Oxon HIll, MD and surrounding areas. There are a few Heights if you know the area…or know people in the area that are the ideal elevated position to see the fireworks of DC. Pace yourself out there. Let the evening start light with a few tokes, let the edibles carry you, then maybe hit a dab with the firework jays.

For these next few spots I offer my official disclaimer. Acknowledging that Virginia is in the Draconian stone age when it comes to cannabis I would never suggest engaging in any cannabis involved activity at any of these beautiful sites…never! Now as I was saying, Gravelly Point on the George Washington park is a dope spot to check out the fireworks. Fourth of July aside it is a nice spot to check out the airplanes landing…completely sober as we are in Virginia of course. I recall sober days in high school and early college sober experiences at that park…4:30!

Just as there are heights and hills in Maryland there is an awesome free and spacious spot to check out the fireworks in Virginia as well. In Alexandria, VA Beacon Hill is an ideal spot to watch the fireworks. There is a Target there and the Beacon Hill strip mall parking lot as well to almost have a front seat show to the festivities. Get there early as the spot is popular for the prime view. Again, I would never suggest eating an edible and having a pipe in the car to toke on throughout the evening. I would never suggest doing so in Virginia of course….4:30!