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Sep 7, 2021
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The 4:20 Delivery Do’s And Don’ts

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I remember in High School going through the drive through at Mc Donald’s super late to grab some grub. There was a dude in our crew that simply was a natural born asshole. He would harass the attendant on the mic while ordering food. I wouldn’t order at that point. There is a basic etiquette to people and business and I do not want fries from somebody you just disrespected serving my food and we can’t see them. Simply put, there is a basic etiquette of dealing with 4:20 delivery service from both sides.

Initiative 71 in Washington DC allows for the delivery of cannabis to individuals under two ounces. However, as a consumer there should be a basic etiquette. A delivery service that is professional, like Select Co-op will have all of their information, processes, and selections on the website. A lot of time and questions can be saved by simply reading the information on sites before calling to place an order, so others will understand the 4:20 Delivery Do’s And Don’ts.

I will say a “Do” is to ask informed questions once reading and perusing the site. A top-notch delivery service will answer questions, explain strains, and the process of receiving goods if there are questions once checking out the online process. The keyword is service in delivery service. I am thankful to deal with Select Co-op.

A 4:20 “Don’t” is to hit up local shops in the DC city limits selling cannabis out of storefronts. Selling cannabis out of a store front is blatantly selling it and having more than two ounces on one’s person. These storefronts are not Initiative 71 compliant and continue to be the focus of raids. I challenge one to compare the quality of strains on site versus the delivery services. 

A 4:20 “Do” is to stock up on one’s favorite strains as much as you can while the strain is around. With the fires in California and the west coast, to supply chain issues across the country it is best to be prepared on all levels. What is a 4:20 “Don’t” is to call Delivery services looking for $25 quarters as one is used to swag. Realize that the cannabis industry deals with top flight quality strains as the norm and wanting Reggie Bush and the cheapest quality is not what delivery services are about in Washington, DC.

The last 4:20 “Don’t” is to be clear to deal with delivery services in the Washington DC city limits. There are some that are challenging Virginia’s strict control of legal cannabis by advertising storefronts and delivery service in Virginia. I say good luck with that as the Commonwealth is notorious for strict enforcement. A recent article in Marijuana Moment discussed Virginia residents wanting alternatives to the legal market because of the legal restrictions. Woe to those that challenge the state’s monopoly on the public sale of cannabis. 4:20 safely friends!

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