The 3 Places I Want To Try Shrooms This Fourth Of July In DC

Even if you’ve never tried shrooms, you probably have an idea of how they work. They can make you feel completely relaxed. You can taste colors and see music, and even see grass growing through your hands. It’s a feeling so different from everyday life that every year millions of people try it out. With the Fourth of July coming up, I’ll soon be one of them. I’m getting really excited about the possibilities of exploring mushrooms in our nation’s capital to celebrate the national holiday of freedom.

In the last few years, as laws around cannabis have eased, so have restrictions around psilocybin mushrooms. These days in the District, shrooms are no longer taboo. The Entheogenic Plant and Fungus Policy Act of 2020 made it so that natural, from the earth psychedelics like ayahuasca, mescaline, and yes, magic mushrooms, were decriminalized. With Independence Day coming up, seems like the perfect time to give magic mushrooms a try.

Mushrooms, and psychedelics at large, are known to produce a very specific set of reactions in those who take them. Hallucinations, euphoria, and general trippiness are strongly associated with tripping on mushrooms. They can also lead to a distorted perception of time, hallucinations, and a greater spiritual connection to the world around you. They’re even known to make imbibers feel closer to the earth. DC is really the perfect place to explore this connection and its effects. Outside is open, and with the fourth of July coming I decided to map out a little tour of where I’ll be venturing by the desired effect. I plan to give the next couple of weekends to this great experiment.

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Shrooms On the Fourth Art5

First Stop: The National Museum of African American History and Culture.

What I hope to experience: distorted perception of time (and possibly a spiritual experience).

The last time I went to the NMAAHC, I felt like I had to rush through. This time I want to reflect and slow time down a little bit to fully take in the weight of the experience. Yes, I want the weight of the experience! When the declaration of Independence was signed, a significant portion of the population was not included. I like to reflect on it while I have my hot dogs and hamburgers and watch the fireworks. You’re supposed to be in a place you find comfortable when you try shrooms. I’ve been before so it’s familiar to me, but it definitely wouldn’t be the starting point for everyone: it’s massive, and a very thought provoking experience.

Stop #2: My next trek will be to Gravelly Point Park.

What I hope to experience: The feeling of being closer to nature.

Watching planes land in Gravelly Point is one of the best things about being in the area. Where else can you go with just a blanket, a packed lunch, and time? I went on a date here in undergrad and I’ve been coming back ever since. I want to dig my toes in the grass and maybe ?see grass grow from my hands a la Midsommar (literally the only thing I want from that movie to happen in my life).

Shrooms On the Fourth Art4

Stop #3: My house.

What I hope to experience: Sensory Enhancement- I want to see music!

Okay, okay, this isn’t really a “destination” per se, but it feels essential somehow. It’s as safe and comfortable as it gets, with hopefully little risk of a bad trip. I’m going to get a strobe light and play some of my favorite music at home. I’ve heard that inside is less desirable than outside for tripping on shrooms, but live music is still pretty hard to come by. At least what I want to hear. So I’m going to make sure home is on the itinerary. There you have it, my plans to harness the power of mushrooms this holiday weekend. Am I missing anything? Are you making your own plans to do the same? Hit my line, tell me what you’re up to.