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Sep 10, 2021
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THC Breathalyzer… NO Sir!

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So you are walking with you and a friend in the early evening and a few police officers stop you. After asking random questions they decide to detain you both. You are thinking about your options at this point to fight, flight, or freeze. You have done nothing wrong, but can sense they are on some aggressive BS. They ask you to take a breathalyzer test not for alcohol for THC.

According to new cannabisventures.com Hounds Labs has generated about $20 million dollars in investment as they are developing a THC breathalyzer. Hound claims the breathalyzer can detect if one has smoked or consumed cannabis in the last three hours. The lab indicates this is the time frame of the effects of intoxication and can be detected in one’s breath.

I begin with a random example. One may say but why would the police attempt to get you to take a breathalyzer? You were just walking with a friend. However, cannabis has long been used as a means to stop and detain for any reason a cop deems. The Washington Post has done a report recently showing how arrests for cannabis, since it being recreationally legal, are overwhelmingly of African-Americans in select areas of the city; where they live.  

Hound labs says the technology will be used for employers, police officers, and insurance companies according to cannabisventures.com. Does an employer have breathalyzers on the job for alcohol for random people. If an employee has one beer and goes back to work is that illegal? Although; the employer may test for THC. However, there is no way to know if one smoked a blunt or one hit of a water pipe according to the current research.  

If the push to legalize and understand the benefits of cannabis I do not understand the need for the breathalyzer. Do folks assume that there are a prolific amount of stoned drivers causing accidents, stoned employees ruining productivity, and stoned heavy equipment or vehicle operators just having to be monitored? It comes off like a product that will cost billions to finalize that will simply serve as a “cover your ass (CYA)” tool for big business and/or a means to selectively criminally prosecute certain populations.

It makes sense that a reserve sheriff deputy is on the board of the company. Former and current law enforcement are often involved in lucrative cannabis dealings. However, law enforcement still finds means to use cannabis to arrest certain populations. Be safe out here as you 4:20 friends!  

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