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THC-A Crystalline Strain Review

OK. So my man shows this rock he has…this little white crystal. No, it definitely was not “crack”! He informs me it is THC-A Crystalline. OK? What the fuck is that? It is a 99.9% sativa extract of THC. It sounded impressively intimidating!

He has a setup for hitting a “dab”. I took a hit off the contraption and my man started cackling with laughter. I hit it like I would have hit a joint as that is what I primarily smoke (with the occasional pipe hit). As my eyes began to water and I started to cough up a lung I realized why he was so amused. As my eyes cleared from watering I realized I was beyond being “high” or “nice” from a usual one-hit!

We stepped outside and grabbed a bench at DuPont Circle. The walk to the park my eye was locked into observing details of the environment and as i observed the feeling of the sun on my skin more intensely than before I went inside! At the park the brother blowing his trumpet, bikers, and passersby all fit into a seamless flow of enjoyable observations. I had to let my man know… Yo, I am beyond “nice” this shit has me high like smoking for the first time. The cerebral effects were so crisp and locked in. It was not a silly high, but a very focused and dialed-in experience. The little nugget can be broken down and sprinkled over flowers to enhance a strain. Trust me this little nugget is fire worth trying.

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