Ten Reasons The Fourth Of July Is Better Than 420

By: Ganja Goddess

Most weed heads think of 420 as the undisputed smoker’s holiday, and for good reason. It’s usually the first stoner code most of us learn. Stoner movies use it as a plot device, and you can count on seeing it hash tagged under every social media weed influence’s comments. But we think that the Fourth of July is a contender for the top spot. Here are ten reasons why we think Independence Day is the perfect high holiday.

1. The Fourth of July is a food lover’s dream. Food and the Fourth go hand in hand. Hopping from backyard barbecue to backyard barbecue is a time-honored tradition, and cannabis is a known appetite stimulant. There’s potato salad, ribs, burgers, and hot dogs to go around, and there’s no better way to prep for that than to smoke a bit of green.

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2. Less competition for the good stuff. 420 is the Superbowl of weed, which can make it hard to get your hands on your favorite strains. On the Fourth of July that is not the case. Sure, three-day weekends are bound to bring in a little more dispensary traffic, but everyone and their brother isn’t trying to buy all the OG Kush. Take advantage and get enough to last you a little longer than usual.

Ten Reason The Fourth of July Is Better than 420 art

3. Edible opportunities abound. Whether you’re making homemade BBQ sauce, flag cookies, or Popsicle, there’s plenty of opportunity to add herbal stimulation to your food preparation. The Fourth is an opportune time to practice your edible making skills. And once you perfect your recipe, you can bet you’ll become sought after for your “special sauce” year after year.

4. Fireworks are that much better. OK, we definitely wouldn’t recommend lighting up fireworks if you’ve been lighting up all day, but cannabis is the perfect amplifier if you just want to enjoy the show. A nice Indica will get you in a cerebral, relaxed mood and elevate your mind to enjoy the light show without feeling anxious.

5. Cannabis was part of the revolution. No, you didn’t sleep through the day when they talked about cannabis history in school, but cannabis is pretty big part of American history. The first American flags were rumored to be made from hemp and we’ve even flown a flag made from hemp at the US Capitol building.

6. Brave the crowds. Crowds are an unfortunate staple of holiday weekends. With most states opening up, there may be crowds at beaches, pools, and parks. If crowed spaces aren’t your thing, a little flower can ease the anxiety, so that when an errant kid knocks over your drink, it will be no big deal.

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7. It keeps pets chill, too. Fireworks anxiety is a thing for pets, and on a holiday when fireworks take center stage, you can bet some dogs will be cowering in fear or barking loudly into the night. CBD treats are known to soothe the nerves of our furry friends, making this high holiday a little easier on them too.

8. Cannabis is road-trip ready. 420 falls on any day of the week and doesn’t come with any days off. But since the Fourth is an official holiday, it’s a time for a perfect getaway. You might not be ready for crowds (completely understandable) or just want to keep things small this year. So instead of a crowded park for fireworks, you might be all about a road ?trip to the mountains or a lake a few hours away. Cannabis is the perfect companion- just bake and take.

9. Cannabis is still part of the revolution. Freedom isn’t free, and on no day do we remember that more than Independence Day. The United States remains free because of democracy and the voice of the people shaping policy. While you’re jamming out in our red, white, and blue attire, don’t forget about those who are behind bars for those who aren’t enjoying their freedoms due to cannabis convictions. Donate to a bail fund, give to a prison reform program, or write your congressional representative while you’re celebrating being in the land of the brave and home of the free.

10. It’s inclusive. Cannabis lovers are known for their inclusive. Puff Puff pass is weed etiquette that allows everyone to toke a little and be included, but 420 is relatively limited to those in the know. Independence Day is for everyone. Why not link and lift this holiday?