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Tangimal Cookies Strain Review

Yes! I get to sound the DJ Clue metal echo voice…it’s been a minute… “New strain, new strain”… The name is just cool to let roll off of your tongue! “Tan-gi-malTan-gi-mal, and Tan-gi-nal“. Awesome name for an awesome strain!

tangimal cookies

Tangimal Cookies is the product of Humboldt Farms crossing Animal Cookies and Tangie. The name Tangimal ain’t too creative, but does sound appealing to the ears. This strain can get up to 20% THC levels. The effects of this strain are definitely sativa leaning.

The taste of Tangimal Cookies is that of creamy citrus and minty cake like flavor accompanied by slight earth and woody elements. It tastes like a citrus creme soda cookie! While taste this potent is often ascribed to indicas, enjoy this day-time strain that will have you social and motivated to get shit done!

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