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Tangie Haze Strain Review

I call bullshit on some people’s description of Tangerine Haze. Some call it a sativa energizing strain that will soar you through the day. That is not my experience at all! However, you let me know what you think.

My folks at Select steered me to it for its hybrid principles of pain relief without too much indica energy on the mind. Tangie Haze, aka Tangerine Haze is the product of combining Haze, NYCD, and G13. Knowing the lineage one can see how this can be indica leaning with some sativa principles. NYCD is a sativa but has strong indica properties and G13 is a strong indica hybrid; yet adding the Haze balances the sativa mental effect with the diesel energy.

All that to say this is a great hybrid! I like it after a workout as the relaxing properties while mentally being engaged I appreciate. You will appreciate the tastes as well. The strain tastes strong sweet citrus fruits with a subtle blend of piney diesel. This strain can get up to 20% THC levels while offering 2% CBD.

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