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T.I.T.S Strain Review

This shit right hear…This shit right hear…This. Is. The. Shit. Bred by Diamondback Genetics, T.I.T.S. is said to blend Sour Diesel with OGKB (OG Kusk Breath) for an epiphany of cannabis perfection. The sativa effects and sourness of the diesel combine with the sweet spiciness of the OGKB to give T.I.T.S a taste of sweet funkiness and sharp cerebral effects that partner with a smooth body relaxing ride.

The classic light-green and yellow sour diesel leaves surround pine tree nuggets sparkling with trichomes layering hairs of orange and light purple. Upon breaking it open scents of diesel, pine, and citrus tease the nostrils. The smoke has a definite sour diesel flavor on first hit and exudes sweet spiciness on the exhale. The sweetness on the exhale almost erases the diesel sourness. Enjoy savoring the taste to decipher all its elements.

T.I.T.S is an awesome day-time strain. The sativa elements of the sour diesel dominant the mental effects of T.I.T.S The mind is engaged for social conversation, focused activities, enjoying being outdoors or just getting into a good book. The body is relaxed and a tingle of elation makes you enjoy the experience. I get no couch-locking or downing effects as the high wears on so enjoy for social engagement.