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Superglue Strain Review

I am sounding the alarm for “rare strain, rare strain.” While Superglue is not new, it does not come around often. While I am a sativa lover this indica strain is ideal for winding down in the evening and relieving pain and inflammation due to chronic pain or dealing with an injury. I have been getting dinged up this summer on the trails, on the mat, and in the gym.


Superglue, aka, Superglue OG is the creation of combining Skunk and Northern Lights. Superglue tastes of dank/skunk, piney earth tones, and subtle fruity elements. Superglue is said to be 70% indica dominant. The strain offers powerful body relaxation while the mental effects are not too heavy or dulling.

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Superglue can get up to 23% THC levels. This strain may also offer up to 1% CBD therapeutic effects. Enjoy this strain to wind down in the evening.  Experienced users may like this in the early afternoon to relax the body while the mind is still engaged. 

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