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Superglue Strain Reveiw

The name is what is going to happen. It is unavoidable so simply accept it. You will not be locked to the couch. More like cemented or superglued to the couch. This was savvy for my mind and body.

superglue art

We are speaking of Superglue here. Superglue is the product of crossing Afghani and Northern Lights! Have you ever had either of those strains? Those are indicas that scare indica lovers, and I am a sativa enthusiast so yeah… I’m scared and can say I’m scared.

The Afghanai and Northern Lights combine for a powerful pain relief and sleep aid. I hit this late in the evening to help my body recover after a hard workout day and get to sleep early. The relaxing effects are instant. The strain tastes of pungent fumes of ammonia… Not like the strain wasn’t flushed out like its stale act piss and cheese. It’s pungent and the taste is harsh and may affect the throat on exhale. This is medicine so dose with care!

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