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Super Wedding Cake Strain Review

Cue it up, cue it up, cue it up… Let’s sound off with the DJ Clue metal voice… “New strain, new strain, new strain”. You may have heard of the sweet decadent indica Wedding Cake. Well we have an indica… Not that sweet though. Let’s check out Super Wedding Cake.

Super Wedding Cake Art

Select Co-Op has been on a tear of just getting in dynamite strains lately. If you aint on the “Dibs list” and getting these premiere strains… I got to ask like TK Kirkland “who raised you?”… Anyway… Super Wedding Cake does not taste like Wedding Cake at all. It tastes of dank, stinky, piney, Earth, Kush type funk that is undeniably fire.

This is a new strain and I could not find a lot of information on it. It is said to have THC levels that can go over 25%. The body relaxation and pain relieving energy gradually comes on with a heavy mental slumber as well… Super Wedding Cake is a super powerful indica.

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