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Super Sour Tangie Strain Review

I appreciate a super smoking experience. I appreciate super sour and citrus tastes. I appreciate a dynamite sativa that combines both elements. I appreciate Select Co-op for having it!

Sour Diesel

Let’s appreciate Super Sour Tangie. This sativa lover’s dream is the product of crossing East Coast Sour Diesel and Tangie. The dank diesel octane balanced by the sweet citrus tangie flavor is wonderful. The taste is simply decadent.

Sour Tangie

The effects of Super Sour Tangie are complex, let’s say. While the cerebral sativa buzz is crisp and sharp there are also therapeutic relaxing effects. Over time, while you won’t be in tranquilized mode there is a noticeable lessening of energy. This is a late afternoon sativa for novice users.

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