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Super Sour Kush Strain Review

This strain descends from cannabis royalty. Thank you Select Co-op for this premiere strain. Super Sour Kush contains four parent strains. I am sounding the new alarm… “Super Select Superior Strain… Super Select Superior Strain”, in my James Earl Jones voice… Why James Earl Jones?… Simply for the seriousness of the alarm!


Super Sour Kush, aka Super Sour OG, is the creative crossing of Blueberry, Sour Diesel, OG Kush, and Lost Coast OG. That is a mouthful that provides an amazing effect and experience. The strain tastes of sweet berries, a crisp lemony sourness, and a strong diesel element on the exhale. The flavor is dank and harsh.  If you are a diesel fan you will enjoy it!

Sour Diesel

Super Sour Kush is a very cerebral affecting strain. Euphoric, elevative, creative thoughts abound from the first toke. It may be too much for novices. This strain may have some stereotypically giggling like a movie stoner. These effects last for hours and the body slowly winds down and relaxes long-term. I did not get couch lock; just a long-lasting relaxing to go along with the cerebral blast of unfocused elation. This is an evening wind down strain. As a 50/50 hybrid Super Sour Kush strain can get up to 19% THC levels and offers 1% CBD as well. 

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