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Super Sour Kush Strain Review

This strain is simply amazing. First of all the lineage is unparalleled and sounds like a mythical creation. I am in deep respect as a cannabis connoisseur. While this is considered a 50/50 hybrid it simply offers the best of both worlds. Let’s check out Super Sour Kush.

Blueberry, Sour Diesel, OG Kush, and Lost Coast OG is the parental lineage of Super Sour Kush. I know it sounds like a cannabis wish/shopping list but that is actually everything crossed into this strain. While said to be a 50/50 hybrid it offers 19% THC levels as well as 1% CBD effects. While Select has this on deck take advantage, man!

Sour Diesel

The Blueberry dominates the taste of Super Sour Kush. This strain tastes of sweet berries, sweetly sour lemons, hints of spiciness, and of course diesel! If you do not like diesel then beware as the backend has a hash diesel effect. This Super Sour Kush strain has a severe focusing effect on the mind. You will be locked in after a couple of hits. The body begins to relax but not in a couch-lock or sleepy vibe; you are simply still enough to focus on the task or event at hand. 

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