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Super OG Strain Review

If you know Northeast Groovers from the 90s then you remember “808 you know what to do siice em” if not so be it. However, that is what 818 Headband brings to mind. NEG had the Headbanger as well. Ok, I will digress as I am speaking gibberish to the DC uninitiated.

Super OG is also known as 818 Headband. This strain is the product of crossing Sour Diesel and SFV OG Kush. Sound the alarm for “new strain, new strain” and sound the alarm for a mixture of two amazing classics.

Durban Poison art

This is a great mid-afternoon hybrid. THC level of 20%. The body relaxing effects are noticeable but not profound. The sativa elements are pronounced and motivate the mind to productivity. This strain tastes of a piney, fresh floral, diesel bouquet of dankness. The diesel does not dominate but leads the way!

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