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Super Green Salads

Tropical Gushers

We are not speaking of Avocado, acai fruit, aronia berries, or any other new superfood currently being marketed. We are not speaking of old superfoods like broccoli and arugula either. Some folks call mixing flower strains together making a cannabis salad. To us, it is simply shit we have been doing for years. So, let’s get into the top 5 “salads”, I recently made from what is on deck at Select Co-op.

Peanut Butter Runtz

I have been grabbing a few indicas lately to wind down in the evening,  usually that is not my M.O. However, Peanut Butter Runtz has been doing right by me lately. Peanut Butter Runtz already has an amazing nutty, fruity, tropical fruit, and piney flavor; and mixing it with Do-Si-Dos is like mixing two candies or ice cream flavors together. It is a cornucopia of sweet and fruity flavors. The smoke is delicious and, it is for winding down so expect the indica combination to be potent.

Staying with Peanut Butter Runtz you have to try mixing it with Dread HeadPeanut Butter Runtz flavor dominates this combination. The nutty, fruity, skunk flavor abounds. However, the heavy indica nature of DreadHead increases the incia properties of PB Runtz. Expect a more powerful relaxing effect and couch locking experience. 

Let’s move on to some wonderful sativa combinations. I have a few pairings for Diesel GlueDiesel Glue already has the awesome diesel taste, ideal sativa experience, and offers 10% CBD for a potent mood and body relaxation while the sativa effects soar. Mix this strain with Diablo. The sativa and relaxing effects maintain their consistency. However, the blend of tropical fruits and South African peppery landrace sativa flavor with the diesel make this a decadent smoking experience. 

Diesel Glue

What about Diesel Glue and Gelonande? I am glad you asked. The sativa effects of both strains are slightly enhanced making this a great wake and bake strain for sativa lovers. The flavors combine to basically change this into Gelonade Diesel. The smoke tastes of Gelato’s creaminess with sour lemons and a strong diesel aftertaste. 

Last, but, definitely not the least is Diesel Glue and XJ 13 mixed. For Diesel lovers this mix is for you. XJ 13 already has a potent diesel after taste to me. Mixing these two makes a potent diesel flavor that tickles the back of the throat. Truly, I simply taste a super strain of diesel. The sativa effects of both strains combine for a perfect wake and bake diesel salad experience. Enjoy crafting your 420 salads my friends!