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Super Gorilla Glue Strain

If you break this down and put it in your hair I am not responsible for the dandruff appearance you will have. If you make tea with this and use it as a hair conditioner do not blame me if you simply got dank smelling hair. Hey if folks are putting gorilla glue, the actual adhesive, in their hair I don’t know what kinda shit people are on these days…

Let’s get into Super Gorilla Glue strain. I wanted to sound the New strain alarm, but that is not totally accurate. This strain is not new. It is simply rare and one of the growing strains in the Gorilla Glue family. Super Gorilla Glue is a creation from the Gorilla Glue number four lineage.

Gorilla Glue #4

Super Gorilla Glue… Is Gorilla Glue. I do not know why folks claim it glues you to the chair. Super Gorilla Glue like its GG4 parent is a hybrid that offers great energy and motivation while is excellent for treating pain and inflammation. This strain follows suit. Super Gorilla Glue is said to get up to 30% THC levels. Like its predecessor this a wake and bake strain for me!

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