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Feb 14, 2021
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Super Bowl Tokers

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“That being said I know folks are going to get up. Folks will miss Thanksgiving before a good Super bowl party. Let’s look at Tom Brady.”


It is Super bowl weekend. The media is calling it Super Bowl Spreader weekend. Whatever your plans are, be as safe and responsible as possible. That being said I know folks are going to get up. Folks will miss Thanksgiving before a good Super bowl party. I was thinking about both Super Bowl quarterbacks. I was pondering the top reasons why both need to smoke a good strain to perform well in the Super bowl. Of course this is a sober thought of mine.

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Patrick Mahomes needs to ensure his muscles are activated to do damage running while the mind is sharp and focused. A blast of some Sour Diesel may heighten awareness while giving energy to escape the pocket. If he gets hit Diesel has CBD and therapeutic elements in it as well for pain relief and inflammation.

While we speak of Tom Brady it is the Tampa Bay defense that is a true monster in the bay. Patrick Mahomes may need some Permafrost as well. That stuff locks the mind into a laser focus. It may have him playing even more like the beast that he is.

Jet Fuel

Let’s look at Tom Brady. First and foremost he needs a hit of Jet Fuel. A 43 year old quarterback needs all the energy he can get. Kansas City’s secondary can lock in so the laser focus of Jet Fuel can help even the vision of Brady.

OG Kush

Lastly, I will say Brady can enjoy some OG Kush. He is 43 and win or lose it has been a long season. His body deserves a break and just give yourself time to savor the ride and drift into a hot-tub lock for a few minutes.
OK, seriously neither of these mofos better not be toking up during the game. I love smoking, but when it’s time to perform at my highest level I am not one to grab bong. That is me though. If Pat Mahomes or Brady does then do it. I just want to see a good game.

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