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Sunva Diesel Strain Review

Yeah buddy! I’m pumped like Ronny Coleman tossing weights around. If you don’t know please Google that man. New strains around so time to fire it up and see how it gets down. Sunva Diesel is what we are checking out.

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First things first this looks like it should be named Purple Diesel. It has long and stringy buds like the undeniable presentation of Diesel. However, there is a strong blueish to lavender tint to the buds. It appears like someone is shining a black light on it or something. The smell is that of Diesel and fruity flowers.

Sunva Diesel is an 80% sativa dominant hybrid. It is the product of crossing East Coast Sour Diesel and Tangie. The result is the best of both worlds. The Diesel taste and potent sativa energy is definitely present. At the same time the Tangie gives the strain a fruity, tropical element to balance the diesel taste. This is a must grab for sativa lovers. Enjoy any time of day! Happy 4:20!

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