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Sundae Driver Strain Review

This strain’s name is misleading. I associate a Sunday drive with a relaxed afternoon and a nice start to a great day. No one should drive off of this strain… It is spelled Sundae… So I don’t even know what a Sundae driver even means…

Sundae Driver Art

I do know what this strain does though. This strain is said to be a balanced hybrid. I am not buying that at all. In a few minutes the couch was calling and I could not move even if I wanted to… I didn’t want to… Sundae Driver is the offspring of Fruity Pebbles and Grape Pie. This strain draws from both its parents indica natures and intensifies them.

With the first toke the sweetness of cotton candy and grape pie abounds. The mind is filled with euphoric glee and happiness. I would have water and any snack prepared and nearby as in a few minutes the effects turn to guiding you to an enjoyable rest. It may put you to sleep. It just had my chill for the rest of the evening.

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