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Strawberry Fields Strain Fields

Strawberry Fields

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Strawberry Fields Strain Fields

“Strawberry Fields has me contemplating important conceptions such as stated above. This strain is the product of crossing Strawberry Banana and Tangie.”

Is there a popular Beetles song called Strawberry Fields? I would not know! I feel like that episode of Kenya Burris show on Netflix when they compared what move is black folks think are classic vs. white people. I ain’t never seen Citizen Cane, but anybody who thinks the Five Heartbeats is not a classic film is trippin!

Strawberry Banana

Strawberry Fields has me contemplating important conceptions such as stated above. This strain is the product of crossing Strawberry Banana and Tangie. This strain tastes like strawberry salad with a splash of citrus and tropical fruits layered beneath. The taste is decadent. This strain offers up to 24% THC levels and up to 1% CBD relief.

Grapefruit Tangie

This strain is said to be slightly indica dominant. Slightly… Naw, it’s almost all indica. Expect a rush of elation and euphoria to sweep through the mind. This elation simply allows you not to care that soon couch-lock, body heaviness, and/or sleep is soon to come!

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