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Strawberry Chernobyl Strain Review

I’m excited like Wiz Khalifa cuz I’m about to get into Something New! Chernobyl is an amazing sativa strain already with sharp cerebral effects and unique sour lime, not diesel taste to it. So adding, what I suspect may be Strawberry Cough to Chernobyl is something I definitely want to experience.

I have definitely experienced it. Strawberry Chernobyl, beauty is her name! Let’s just begin with appearance. The bud has mid-size nuggets radiating with lime and rich green leaves that are tightly intertwined with orange and slight indigo hues. Trichomes are just bling blinging all over the place. Wear sunglasses breaking the buds apart!

This is amazing blend of tastes and scents. Breaking the bud open the slight aforementioned sour lime scent is present. There is also a sweet berry skunk aroma that lingers with it. Lighting it up the blend of strawberries and limon skunk is a beautiful eclectic taste you will savor until next toke. The effect is awesome hyrbid. There are some pleasant relaxing indica effects that are surprising. Even if it is a cross of Strawberry Cough and Chernobyl strains often combine in ways to produce surprising effects. However, this is still an any-time all day strain. Strawberry Chernobyl will give sharp sativa effects to energize and elate.