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Strawberry Cheesecake Weed Strain Review

My goodness my goodness. This is decadence indeed. Sometimes you hit a strain and wonder did I just taste all of that? This is one of those times! Subtle berries with a hint of creamy smoothness combine with a pungent sourness to provide a sweetly amazing sensation.. It tastes like…I don’t know, strawberry cheesecake.

This is a beautiful balance of sativa and indica elements. While the sativa side instantly elevates the mind with elation and joy the indica side creeps in to provide mild body relaxation and sedation. THC levels range in the low to mid 20%giving this strain its medicinal properties. As a cross between White Widow X and Chronic Cheese the taste and effects of this strain are definitely eclectic.

The bud structure of Strawberry Cheesecake is that of symmetrical pine trees. A conical structure expands to showcase a presentation of radiating dark reddish hairs swirling around army green nuggets. Smells of dank cheese and fruit punch override the sense breaking it down.. Enjoy dessert!

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