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Aug 25, 2020
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For some cannabis enthusiasts, their relationship with cannabis is there most enduring relationship. When you’re committed to your relationship with cannabis, discovering a partner who has the same love for marijuana is often a deal – breaker. Luckily, there are many ways to meet fellow cannabis aficionados in 420 – friendly states including dating apps, and marijuana – focused gatherings.

The key to having a healthy, successful relationship is that both partners come to the relationship whole, and take responsibility for maintaining their own happiness. However, it’s well known that Mary Jane can make one quite merry. Weed can help you maintain a sunny disposition. Research has shown that marijuana consumption can have a positive effect on depression and anxiety, as well as improve one’s general mood. It’s reasonable to assume that couples who use cannabis together would also receive a happiness benefit.

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Weed can also have a positive effect on your sex life. Studies show that stoner couples have sex more often, and that they enjoy it more, thanks to marijuana’s ability to heighten sensations like touch, sound and smell. Researchers from Stanford University found that marijuana consumers have sex an average 20 percent more often than their non – consuming counterparts. Perhaps this is because cannabis reduces inhibitions during sex while others suggest that it’s cannabis’s interaction with the limbic system or the part of the brain for things like sexual arousal. This does not mean that if you are alone and want more sex, you should start using marijuana. It also doesn’t mean that smoking weed slows down time so that you can squeeze more sex into a day, week or month.

Stoners also have a tendency to be more loyal, and less likely to participate in domestic violence. Also there’s a bond that happens when a couple engages in a shared hobby.

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For the single looking for their stoner soulmate, in states where weed is legal there is now an outcropping of 420 – friendly events. Also, companies like Meetup are a great source through which to find local 420 dating groups, and activities. You can search for keywords like “cannabis singles” or “420 singles” and the site will show you all local events that match your criteria.

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If a crowd of strangers feel intimidating, and if socializing is unrealistic in this time of coronavirus, dating apps can be a great tool to meet someone. If you’re introverted it can be ?considerably easier to make new acquaintances from behind a screen. Designed to connect stoners with like – minded stoners in the area, cannabis dating sites like 420 Singles , are a new trend in online dating. Also, inclusive sites like Plenty of Fish, allow you to refine your search for matches based on criteria like “420 – friendly.”

In all, stoners can make for great partners. They’re chill, tend to have fantastic taste in music, and are always down to share. So, if you’re canna – single, don’t hesitate to look for love amongst other 420 – aficianados!

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