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Still On a Mission to Vape!

OK, I have said I am looking to retire the cones and papers . As I mature like fine wine watching my daughters grow older, my lungs are not getting any younger.  I have been looking to replace the papers with a vaporizer.  A long time ago I abandoned blunts and tobacco products for papers…and have been stagnant there.  Life is about evolution.  

I am checking out the top three portable weed vaporizers or what I like to call them pocket rockets.  The technology on these has grown tremendously in the past decade.  I had one six years ago that was more of a small burning compartment than a vaporizer. It got clogged easily and the coil burnt out quickly.  However, now portable vaporizers offer. more reliable and improved technology options ranging from $500 to below $100.  The papers have to go for a few reasons.  We know the folks at the American Lung Association have said “smoke is harmful to lung health. Whether from burning wood, tobacco or marijuana, toxins and carcinogens are released from the combustion of materials”.  I have known that for years. However, the more I learn about the reality of aging and real issues like COVIN-19 the fact that smoking history (according to the National Library of Medicines National Institute of Health) is a factor for susceptibility.  OK  party pooper hat off…Its a simple motivation for me to look other aspects of enjoying cannabis.

The first product I am looking at is the PAX 3 “advanced” portable cannabis flower and concentrate vaporizer.  Take note that it is advanced.  I might have called it the “superior” or “world dominating” portable vaporizer but I’m not in marketing.  This product uses conduction heating to heat the entire chamber, and thus the entire flower pack, evenly for efficient vaporization.  It has a flat and raised mouthpiece as well as standard and half -pack oven lid.  I am looking at options strictly for flowers but this product can vaporize concentrates as well.  The PAX # sells for about $200 or  “kits” start at $250.

Next I am looking at the DRAY dry herb vaporizer.  This joint just looks Kool.  I want to grunt and snort like Tim the “Toolman” Taylor (#snitchesgetsitcoms)!  Good naming as well because DRAY DRY just looks like you want to say Dre Day remembering the dope track. THE DRAY’s highlights include “optimal” temperature control and a quartz chamber.  Accessories like an extra mouthpiece can be added to create a “kit”.  The DRAY vaporizer sells for around $150.  
Last but not least is the K-Vape PRO .  The first feature to speak of is the price of $75.  If budget is the main concern then that is obviously a selling point.  This product has a ceramic and hybrid conduction/convection heating element.  It is said that the K-Vape-PRO’s glass mouthpiece allows for an extended vapor path inside so that “it doesn’t feel hot or harsh like many other inexpensive vapes do”.  

I am narrowing my options down.  I think I am leaning towards the DRAY.  If anyone has used these please give me some feedback.  I am continuing to look at customer reviews. Looking forward to vaping some quality flowers soon from my guys at Select!

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