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Sticky Buns Strain Review

Have y’all ever waited for a dude from Cinnabon to close as a teenager at the mall? They throw away the leftover buns as they must bake them fresh everyday. They won’t give them to you though. A couple of times the dude that worked there did not totally toss the bag in the garbage and we went home with boxes of Cinnabons. My mother picking us up from the mall put an end to it though; like you going to be fat and slow on the basketball court eating this junk.  

Kush Mints 2

Sticky Buns has me strolling down memory lane. Sticky Buns strain is the product of crossing Kush Mints and Gelatti. The buds are quite sticky icky to the touch oozing with resin. Sticky Buns tastes as it smells; sweet vanilla nutty, creamy, milky decadence.


Sticky Buns can get up to 20% THC levels. This is a 50/50 hybrid and this strain hits with a blast of sativa energy infusing the mind with elation and creative juices. However a strong couch-lock is sure to follow shortly thereafter. This is an evening strain for winding down, social engagement, or chilling watching Amazon movies.

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