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Starduster #14 Strain Review

I am watching this shit on Amazon tonight. Hopefully it will be as dope as it was when I was a kid, or at least comedy to laugh at what I thought was good as a kid. Who remembers “The Last Starfighter”, from the 1980’s.

Sour Diesel

The strain of the day is Starduster #14. The name sent me into such nostalgia I forgot to break out the Grand Daddy IU remix… “Something, something new… From Select to you”… When you see this bud it looks like some alien substance not of this Earth. The trichomes and lime green with lavender accents make this bud a spectacle to behold.

Who cares though? It smokes even better. Starduster #14 is the product of crossing Sour Diesel and Ms. Universe #10. The result is a sativa lover’s intergalactic dream. This strain will have you energized and primed for hours! Wake and bake!

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