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Stardawg Strain Review

You hit this and you going to feel like a star, dawg! I know man that’s bad and a weak attempt! Folks don’t give me any fun strain names to work with lately. While the name maybe corny, the flowers are on fire!

Stardawg Art

Stardawg is a 90%… Yes 90% sativa power punch y’all. Stardawg is a cross between that classic beast of a strain, Chemdawg, and Tres Dog. I don’t know about Tres Dog. Looking it up its a 50/50 hybrid crossing Chemdawg and Afghani, a potent indica. Stardawg gives a dope sativa focus and potent relaxing properties.

Stardawg tastes of a lemony pine Chemdawg. Chemdawg has that potent diesel flavor. What is awesome with this strain is the indica body buzz and relaxation while giving an intense and consistent cerebral high. THC levels can get near 23% making this strain potent for anytime use. Novices beware as the sativa energy is intense. The body relaxation is very noticeable, but not overpowering. 4:30 out!

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