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Stardawg Strain Review

This reminds me of Curly Bill’s minion that was all talk in Tombstone. Tombstone is the classic “western revenge movie…” Yeah. Yeah, that’s real good, law dog, ’cause law just don’t go around here. We ain’t talking about law-dog,but Stardawg!


Stardawg is the product of crossing Chemdawg and Tres Dog. Tres Dog is actually Chemdawg mixed with Afghani. So Stardawg is double Chemdawg mixed with some Afghani. Somehow this yields a sativa dominant hybrid.

Stardawg can get up to 25% THC levels. Stardawg tastes of diesel (as it should with double Chemdawg in it) and a piney dank sour citrus taste as well. The mental effects hit with elation and happiness associated with stereotypical weed use. You will be giddy. Then expect body relaxation to engage without couch-locking you. Stardawg is a great recommendation by my folks at Select Co-op.

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