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Stardawg 91 Strain Review

I have been just off with identifying strains by name as of late. I just knew this was going to be a sativa hybrid. Again, do not judge a strain by its name. Let’s check out Stardawg 91.

We have a strain that is 70% indica leaning. Stardawg 91 is the result of crossing Stardawg and Chemdawg 91. These breeders get an “F” for name creativity. As an indica I give this an “A” though.

Stardawg 91 simply presses the reset button on whatever the day has been. Instant elation is infused and physical as well as mental pain or tension is erased. A full body relaxation soon ensues with couch-lock and/or sleep soon to follow. This strain tastes and smells heavily of spicy diesel gassiness.  

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