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Sour T.I.T.S. Strain Review

Don’t be sour. Don’t be mad. Just know This Is The Shit! Seriously, that is what it is. We got the strain Sour T.I.T.S. (This is the Shit) on deck to review. Know there are many kinds of TITS out there. There are Blue TITS, Orange TITS…even Alien TITS (who knew?!) Let’s get into these SOUR TITS.

I don’t know too much about the exact lineage here. TITS has Sour Diesel and elements of AK 47 in some of the strains. This Sour TITS is like some extra sour diesel was somehow put into this strain. The Sourness of this strain is beautifully stinky and nasty. Anymore sour and it would be curdled milk.

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Up Up and away. This strain of SOUR TITS is energizing. This is the perfect day-time medication for me. I hit this to start my day. After 100 push ups, 50 pull ups, tea brewed, apple/peach/avocado/hemp seed/pumpkin seed/watermelon seed breakfast it is time to knock out some articles for work. Sour TITS is fuel for the day. Enjoy anytime 4:20 family!