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Sour Strawberry Strain Review

I just knew this was a cross between Sour Diesel and Strawberry Cough. Wrong! In my Charlie Murphy voice (R.I.P.). Well I am kinda correct. Sour Strawberry is a cross between Strawberry Kush (hailing from Sour Bubble, East Coast Diesel, Strawberry Cough) and the powerful Razzberry indica strain. Sour Strawberry is balanced hybrid with a equilibrium achieved between indica and sativa effects. Great recommendation from my guy at Select!

Strawberry Cough has won awards for the beautiful combination of gourmet taste, balanced effects and potent THC levels. Sour Strawberry has THC levels said to be up to 25%. CBD levels are low making this less ideal for medical treatment of pain and more for treating anxiety, depression, and mood swings. The effects of this strain are wonderful. Euphoria, cerebral elation, and energy focus the mind. This sativa effect gradual intensifies over time. The body relaxation is more of a calming effect. I found I can focus on high energy activities or allow myself to chill and just enjoy the moment.

The flavor is pure enjoyable decadence. A blast of strawberry punch mixes with the musk of Kush and the dankness of diesel to give a cornucopia of bliss to the palette. On the first pull strawberries and subtle fruity flavors are detectable. On the exhale the musk and diesel gives the palette a tangy surprise. The buds have a synthesis of the density of Kush and the stringy nature of diesel. Minty green, amber, and almost lavender hues make this a beautiful sight covered in slight drizzles of trichomes. Sour Strawberry is an ideal strain for anytime of day. Enjoy!